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About preachers of “No law, No Order” and election Polls

Donald’s Follower Jerry Nadler was asked about Antifa, he said “It is myth”, now an Antifa member murdered in cold blood a walking citizen.

When Donald’s Follower Nancy Pelosi asked about riots and destruction she answered “well, people will do what they do”

It was Donald’s Follower Ayanna Pressley who said “I want unrest in the streets”

When Donald’s Follower Cuomo said “Tell me where protester have to be peaceful” he forgot that is written in Constitution.

It is Donald’s Followers asking to Defund the Police.

It was the major of Seattle, another Donald’s follower, supporting lawless “Summer of Love aka CHAZ“, that ended with several murders.

All of a sudden Donald’s supporter Don Lemon said, “the rioting has to stop,” Lemon continued. “Chris, as you know and I know, it’s showing up in the polling”

Obviously, it is Donald the one to blame for preaching “No Law and No Order

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