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Pensamiento Crítico

The Ten Commandments of Logic

  1. Ad hominem — Thou shall not attack the person’s character, but the argument.
  2. Straw man fallacy — Thou shall not misrepresent or exaggerate a person’s argument in order to make them easier to attack.
  3. Hasty generalization — Thou shall not use small numbers to represent the whole.
  4. Begging the question (Petitio principii) — Thou shall not argue thy position by assuming one of its premises is true.
  5. Post Hoc/False cause — Thou shall not claim that because something occurred before, it must be the cause.
  6. False dichotomy — Thou shall not reduce the argument down to two possibilities.
  7. Ad ignorantum — Thou shall not argue that because of our ignorance, claim must be true or false.
  8. Burden of proof reversal — Thou shall not lay the burden of proof onto him that is questioning the claim.
  9. Non sequitur — Thou shall not assume “this” follows “that” when it has no logical connection.
  10. Bandwagon fallacy — Thou shall not claim that because a premise is popular, therefore it must be true

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