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Pensamiento Crítico

Yuriorkis’s Common Sense

Recently I read an interview to Cuban boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa, a humble Cuban, which represents such a great value, as invisible as the air we breathe, as freedom .

His success have brought him to the top, and when he was able to create an opportunity to box in Miami, the land which gathers many of his country folks, the fight had to be cancelled.

He then took 300 Cubans with all expenses paid, to his next fight in La Vegas.

He is more Cuban that Fidel and all his followers together.

Answering the question, about what had he impressed the most, it was so impressing his humbleness to  reply, saying it was his freedom, based on the simplicity of deciding his next actions, when and where to fight, aside of government’s control, and in other decisions of his personal life.

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