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Revolution and its baby birds, as voiced by Dr Barredo, certified Gospel Interpreter

Few seconds after starting reading the article written by Lazaro Barredo, a communicator as old and cynic as the Crown, I got the sour taste in my mouth about my years in Cuba, in regard to the relation power-people.

 Power in Cuba is unique.  It is indisputable and holly because it is not subject to any challenge or minor argument.

During the reading you may well question yourself if Speaker Barredo is referring to the government in a subtle way.

The Baby Bird syndrome. Damn, we were baby birds, feds by USSR for about 30 years. We received around 115 million barrels of oil a year, an extraordinary amount against a fictitious price for our sugar, a procedure which used to be called Fair Trade. Fair for the Baby Bird, should we say. The amount of the soviet support rose to around 120 billion dollars, which upon its leave discovered our real drawback and deficiencies as a nation incapable to generate resources. All of it thank to the Holly Power, not because of the people. Now Venezuela is playing kind of Mother Bird role. Forever-baby-birds just because we have been forever-unproductive.

The Volleyball syndrome. The crown has an endless field; the ball always falls inside the field, no matter how you hit it. It is called Embargo; for the sake of dramatization it is called Blockade. No matter how stupid the actions are and they are quite often, it is the embargo to blame.

The ostrich syndrome. Wow, what a blatant attitude to talk about the ostrich, just coming from a government which doctrine is based upon having the truth a priori. There is no way to see, they will never ever be able to see, since they are in fact the Truth. They never want to see the sunlight, but are very sharp distinguishing the sunspots.   I have referred to the ostrich syndrome on the side of the Apologists. The very Granma where Barredo writes in describes a Cuba that does not exist, that even some misled apologists use as a “perfect” argument to make the point that for instance in Cuba agriculture is indeed a success. If the agriculture produces anything is because of Mother Nature, suffocated by the mismanagement of Cuban officials.

The Obstacle syndrome. Later on Barredo talks about humor and yes, his article may be a strong candidate to win the Humor Award. It is about fifty years of promises and struggle for a future that never comes even though it always is very close in front of us. When around the eighties some hope arose, there always was an external obstacle that turned the hope into deception. They turned back again to the same proved wrong methods. The Crown has never been interested about real transformation because they have only one priority, how to keep the status quo in regard to the power.

My dear apologists, aren’t you ashamed?

I feel disgust upon reading the statement “The Revolutionary Government has always tried to deliver as per the needs of the people, quite often above its real capabilities”.

Dear apologists, everything the Cuban Nation has is a result of the works of the Cuban people, even the Money remittance coming from Cubans abroad.

The State creates nothing. Let alone above its capabilities, unless Lazaro is using bright dozes of sarcasm trying to say that the Crown-State over delivers above its capabilities to mismanage the Cuban Economy. Lazaro is really blatant as much as the Crown that sustains him.

I ended up vomiting because of “Revolution, since the very beginnings, has always been a flow of justice that has not always been reciprocated”

He is the Official Crown Speaker, one of the best interpreters of the thinking and calls as produced by Comrades Fidel and Raul. He is one of those who write and discourse the Holly Gospel to be repeated by the serfs.

Dear Apologists, have you not remorse?

So much humiliation, so much obedience and you end up being the unjust, the lazy ones, the blinded, the liars, and the evasive.

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